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The Company History of Agassiz Ready Mix

Founded by the senior Steve Minchuk in 1977, Agassiz Ready Mix supplies sand, concrete, and gravel products to Agassiz, Harrison, Hope, Rosedale, Chilliwack, and the surrounding areas.

New Chapter

It is with great excitement we announce the Klaassen Group of Companies has acquired Agassiz Ready-Mix. We’re proud to build on the foundation of this great family-owned business, in operation since 1977. We’ll honour existing relationships and reaffirm the commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. We’re also committed to bringing a new level of quality products and exceptional service as we move forward together. The Klaassen Group includes Jakes Construction, Linterra Aggregates, and Hope Ready-Mix.

The Next Generation of Service

After working for Agassiz Ready Mix since his high school time, the junior Stephen Minchuk took over the operation’s responsibility in 1997. Since taking the reins, Steve has worked hard to turn the company into what it is today - an efficient, effective concrete and aggregate service. Currently, we use up-to-date concrete trucks, as well as sand and gravel delivery trucks. Steve says, “to provide good service, you have to have reliable equipment,” and that’s why we use only the best.

Featured as a Mack® Trucks Success Story

Agassiz Ready Mix has been featured as a Mack® truck success story - read the article (PDF) today!

We serve clients throughout the area, including contractors, builders, homeowners, and tenants. Agassiz Ready Mix invites you to get a quote on a specific product, or simply call us any time with your questions.

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